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Liberia Shopping Tour & Llanos del Cortez waterfall!

Liberia  shopping tour & Visit the Llanos del Cortez Waterfall!

No trip is quite complete without its share of gift and souvenir shopping.  Let's go to Liberia, where you will be able to buy mementoes and gifts to take home, and enjoy some time in thelargest city in Guanacaste - although still small by western standards!


Its houses used to be made of adobe and whitewashed with lime, and its inhabitants used to wear white clothing to protect themselves from the heat - thus Liberia also became known as "The White City of Costa Rica".


Nowadays it looks like a typical Costa Rican large town, with its modern church facing a public park with shops and restaurants all around it.  Here you will be able to buy gifts like coffee, sugar or articles carved out of wood.


What to bring: comfortable clothes and walking shoes, bathing suit,towel,insect repellent, sun block and hat, a safe purse and your camera! 


Includes: your private A/C transportation and bilingual guide,and drinks.

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